i have been making Hand Made Herbal Moth Repellent Sachets for my own use & as gifts for many years. i use fragrant and organic SE5 garden herbs (lavender, bay leaves, rosemary, sage, marjoram mint & lemon balm). grown in CAMBERWELL.

I dry THE FRESH HERBS NATURALLY & then blend the dried herb mixture with the following spices (organic cloves, cinnamon, black peppercorns) adding cedar wood SHAVINGS & traces of 100% pure essential oilS.

This is a natural and effective moth repellent that smells of CLEANSING  fresh herbs & spices. It works very well as a natural air freshener too.

each hand made moth repellent sachet  will LAST FOR a minimum of 3 MONTHS .the decorative outer cover CAN BE REFRESHED BY A SQUEEZE. THIS will EXTEND THE LIFE OF THE REPELLENT AND CREATES A DISTURBANCE AT THE SAME TIME - WHICH MOTHS DO NOT LIKE.

The price of the sachet range varies depending on the quantity of the combined mixture used & the decorative finish.

The price of the current decorative sachets varies from £2-10. each sachet using the same finish/quantity  is the same price. 

I have listed the ingredients I use to prepare the combined mixture of herbs and spices. The same herbal moth repellent mixture  is also sold in  a plain envelope by weight, so that you can add this to your own collection of dried herbs.

Please do get in touch WITH ME if you are interested in either the decorative or simple sachets


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